Administrative Law

A significant part of our work consists of representing police officers and
members of the Corps of Prison and Court Guard in matters concerning their
service claims:

  • employment disputes
  • remuneration for the effective performance of their service
  • extra pay for irregularity of shifts
  • immediate termination of service
  • service assessment
  • disciplinary sanctions

Apart from this, we are also involved with reviewing decisions by ministries
and other public authorities:

  • construction (cadastral proceedings), aviation, fishery
  • security clearances and protection of classified information
  • proceedings in case of inaction by public authorities
  • social security benefits

The Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic has found in our favour in
disputes concerning the protection of police officers who were reclassified
without giving any reason under the original legislation; we also won our case
at the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic regarding the interpretation of
provisions on the calculation of terms. We have also won several cases
concerning failure to grant security clearance, including for persons listed on
the files of the Communist-era secret police (ŠtB).