Comprehensive legal aid for organization, businesses and individuals.

Advokátska kancelária Ivan Syrový s.r.o.

We provide comprehensive legal services in the whole area of the Slovak Republic.

Our clients are organizations, businesses, and individuals, including foreign clients.

We practice law in the following areas – civil, commercial, criminal, administrative, constitutional, labour and family law.

Legal services, drafting and revisions of contracts are also provided in English.

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Our Values


The practice of advocacy itself is not enough for us. We focus on expanding education, studying professional literature and case law, and monitoring amendments to legislation and court decisions in the fields where we provide legal services. We participate in educational events. We do not want to be just one of many.


For us it goes without saying that our clients trust us, and we value this relationship greatly. The client can be sure that we will use any information received from him/her or concerning his/her case for his/her benefit alone, with his/her consent, and in the interest of his/her case. We protect the client’s personal information, and for this reason we only disclose it to the minimum extent required by law.


For us to be successful, the client must trust us, and we try to reciprocate that trust with high-quality work. The client’s opinion is important to us; we consult the proceedings of the case with him/her, our written and oral statements, as well as any possible alternatives to the proceedings.

We are ready to help you with your legal issue.

Our Book

There are situations in everyday life, where you need a lawyer’s help. We wrote a book that serves as a guide in such situations and as a “first aid” in difficult moments, such as a divorce, drafting of the last will, borrowing finances or the insurance of property.

We explain in an understandable way, what are the incorrect preconceptions about solutions to the problems; give answers to the most frequent questions that we encounter in legal practice; explain individual steps and give practical tips on what we should not forget about in such situations.

The book includes examples of the most common types of contracts.

The book is available in various bookstores. (only in Slovak)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free legal aid?

We do not offer free legal aid. In case you are entitled to free legal aid, we suggest you contact The Centre for Legal Aid.

What is the price?

We always agree on a price beforehand during our first phone call or via email.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is via phone. After talking over your situation, we will agree on the next steps.

Do I have to come in person?

In the case of legal disputes, we prefer the first meeting in person. Afterwards, the communication can be done electronically.
In other cases, if you prefer, we can communicate electronically from the start.

We are here for you

Contact us and we will discuss options how we can you with your legal issue